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frequently asked questions

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How much will it cost?
  • virtual support meetings cost £50 for up to 90 minutes

  • contact agreement meetings cost £50/parent

  • observation of contact for up to an hour and a half costs £200 including  and a written report

  • next steps meetings to negotiate and agree a parenting plan cost £50/parent 

Where will they go?

Contact sessions are held in community venues, close to where the child lives.  It could be parks, play centres, restaurants or cafes.   Doing things like riding a bike through Rowntree Park in York or Valley Gardens in Harrogate; bowling at Hollywood Bowl; golf at PuttStars in York; building sandcastles on Scarborough beach; soft play at Twiggies in Northallerton or reading in the library ... venues are chosen to suit the child.

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How can you help me?

You are not the only parent who needs help.  Sometimes being able to talk through your situation with someone who understands, is just what you need.   Helen is very experienced and can help you to sort through your worries and concerns, so that you can consider your options about how to move forward positively for your child.

How long does it take?

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It really depends on the help that you need.  Some families just need to discuss their issues and agree a way forward.  Others need to have the support of observation of contact sessions and written reports, this can take around 3 months to reach a conclusion and a way foward.

How long will it take?

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Do we need a contact centre?

There are lots of child contact centres across the country.  You can search for your nearest centre on the NACCC website.  Connect provides services across North Yorkshire which is the biggest county in the country.  To do this effectively Helen can speak to parents via video call or travel to a venue that is close to a child's home to deliver contact sessions.  Children do not have to travel to a child contact centre and sessions are delivered in community venues such as parks, playcentres and restaurants.

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