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child contact, how does it work?

Contact services vary according to the needs of each family, together we can work out the best thing for your child. 


Supervised child contact  

Can be really effective where there has been a gap in contact or a child may be hesitant or worried. It can help children to move forward in building long lasting relationships


Before any face-to-face session, we work with parents and children to address any issues or worries. 


Contact sessions happen in fun and age-appropriate venues, close to the child's home, such as cafes, bowling alleys, restaurants, parks, arcades and soft play centres. We also provide a written report of the session to help parents resolve their conflict.

Sessions last up to an hour and a half and most families have between one and six sessions.


Virtual contact sessions

Video call sessions can supplement face to face contact sessions, or be a lead into direct contact starting.


Parenting plans

Being able to communicate effectively for the sake of your child is difficult but not impossible. Ask Helen for help to put a parenting plan together and explore how you can communicate positively in future.


Next steps

To discuss your individual needs email or call Helen on 07743 001622 to book a video call.


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"I was relieved when they said the contact was in the community as anyone can manage 3 kids in a contact centre but knowing my ex could manage them in a busy town centre was very reassuring"

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