family dispute resolution service

how Connect can help you

Are you are struggling to find a way through separation? 

Having difficulty communicating effectively with your ex-partner? 

Can't agree on child contact arrangements?  

Helen Evans at Connect can help you  


Helen has supported separated parents across North Yorkshire for ten years to get things right for their children, she does this by

  • developing parenting plans

  • supporting children to have contact with a parent

  • helping parents to communicate properly

  • managing a child contact service 

Connect works with families and practitioners and has enhanced accreditation to the National Association of Child Contact Centres

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looking at what is wrong 

not who is wrong

Why do I do this work?  I like to make things easier for children.  I have been helping children from separated families have relationships with parents and other family members for over a decade.

What does that look like?  I managed the child contact centre in Scarborough for eight years.  I delivered the Separated Parents Information Programme for five years.  Connect was set up in response to a lack of support for separated parents in North Yorkshire.  I travel to the child, rather than the child having to travel to a contact centre.  I support separated parents to improve their co-parenting relationship, making things easier for them and their child.

How does that work?  Parents can contact me to discuss their specific situation, as every family is different.  We can book a video call so that I can them help them to focus on making things better for their child.  We work on putting together a parenting plan so that handovers are less stressful, communication is better and less fraught and everyone can plan for the future knowing that contact is regular and reliable.  Being able to talk about your issues with someone who understands is often just what you need to help you to focus on what is really important.  If supervised contact is needed, we can arrange  sessions which are fun for the child in settings that are interesting to them.